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Sonntag, 20. August 2017

Parasitic Eggs - Alieneier

Diese "Eier" sind nicht von Prodos Games, aber sie passen perfekt zu deren AvP-Miniaturen, weshalb Michi nicht "nein" sagen konnte als er dieses Angebot entdeckte.
These "eggs" are not from Prodos Games, but they match perfectly their range of AvP miniatures. Therefore Michi didn't hesitate to buy them when he saw them advertised here.
Now they are based and painted to the standard that the Prodos Games eggs were painted before.
Jetzt sind sie auf die selbe weise basiert und bemalt wie Michis Alieneier von Prodos Games.

Dracula's America: Do not forsake me, oh my darling

Preparing a posse for the new Dracula's America, Shadows of the West, skirmish rules.


Montag, 14. August 2017

Villains of the Whoniverse - Die Gegner von Doctor Who

The game is called "Into the Time Vortex" - at least this is the title found on the Warlord Games website. However the boxed game is called "Exterminate!" by whatever reason. As if this wasn't odd enough, you'll nowhere find the cards for some of the already existing miniatures to be used in the game! Many miniatures were even available before the boxed game was released. Michi couldn't wait to get the box and finally bought it - after the 10th and 12th doctor, Zygons, Judoon and Silence had long been in his posession.
Das Spiel heißt "Into the Time Vortex" - zumindest ist das der Titel unter dem es auf der Warlord Games Website zu finden ist. Aus irgendeinem Grund heißt das Basisspiel, das auch die Spielregeln enthält, jedoch "Exterminate!". Als wäre das noch nicht verwirrend genug, findet man nirgendwo Karten für einige Figuren aus den längst erschienenen Erweiterungspackungen! Viele Miniaturen waren bereits lange vor dem Erscheinen des Basisspiels erhältlich. Michi hat lange darauf gewartet und es sofort nach Erscheinen gekauft, nachdem er schon lange die Erweiterungspackungen mit dem zehnten und dem zwölften Doctor, Zygonen, Judoon and Stille besitzt. 
Parallel zum Basisspiel, das jeweils eine Streitmacht von zwölf Daleks und ebensovielen Cybermen aus Kunststoff zum Zusammenbauen enthält, sind für die jeweilige Fraktion Erweiterungspackungen erschienen, die noch einmal die selbe Menge Daleks, beziehungsweise Cybermen enthalten, sowie als Anführer eine besondere Zinnfigur. Für die Cybermen ist es Missy, die weibliche Inkarnation des Masters. Bei den Daleks findet man ein hervorragendes Modell ihres Schöpfers Davros.
When the core game was released, there were also two sets of each of the content plastic armies consisting of  12 Daleks and 12 Cybermen each. Each of the reinforcement packs includes a leader miniature made of white metal. For the Cybermen it's Missy, the female incarnation of the Master. With the Daleks comes their creator Davros. Now it was time for Michi to get into painting the Doctor's opponents - the villains of the Whoniverse:
Nun wurde es Zeit für Michi mit dem Bemalen der Gegner des Doctors zu beginnen. Hier sind sie:





Samstag, 12. August 2017

Frostgrave: Additional soldiers

New week, new project.
The plan was to assemble and paint some Frostgrave soldiers despite a lot of work outside this hobby.
Monday: Assembly of four plastic miniatures from the multi part box of Northstar. Stone plates engraved with a scalpel in the bases.
Tuesday: Priming
Wednesday: Completion of the swordsman
Thursday: Completion of the thief
Friday: Completion of the archer
Saturday: Completion of the crossbow man

Mittwoch, 2. August 2017

Blood Bowl Orcs

Orcs: This is a double premiere for Michi, who has never painted any before - as well as he never did a Blood Bowl team. This is a little commission of twelve Orc players to be sent to Sweden (although they are not in a blue and gold).
Orks: Für Michi eine doppelte Premiere, denn er hat bisher noch nie welche bemalt, genausowenig wie eine Bloodbowl-Mannschaft. Die Auftragsarbeit ist nun bereit nach Schweden geschickt zu werden, auch wenn sie nicht in den blau-goldenen Nationalfarben bepinselt ist.

Sonntag, 30. Juli 2017

To build a house quick and dirty

To find out how long it takes to tinker a house for Frostgrave and other fantasy scenarios, I looted the waste paper basket. I intentionally did not place any emphasis on accuracy or detail. It should go quickly to find out if you could fill the streets of Frostgrave without much effort. Overall, it took no more than 3 hours to build and paint it. An acceptable time. You should not pay too much attention to details, but there's enough to place it on the tabletop for a game.

Mittwoch, 26. Juli 2017

Frostgrave: A Wizard in Hazard

The plan was to look for profitable artefacts in the outer areas of Frostgrave. Quick in, fast out. And with a minor demon, who was still summoned up, the hunt should become a child's play. That was the plan. What followed was a disaster.

In the outskirts of the ruins, my group, which had gathered around the elementalist Maldinovic - the GREAT Maldinovic - was surprised by a necromancer and his entourage. And all of a sudden it went very fast. Treasure chests were teleported back and forth, but that weakened the elemental wizard so much that his dark competitor and his apprentice effortlessly succeeded in tearing and releasing the demon from his mental encirclement. It was only thanks to the courageous commitment of the elementary apprentice that the demon could be brought under control again.


But then the necromancer let go of his dogs, which immediately attacked the great Maldinovic, so that the demon was once again free, and immediately attacks one of my nearest mercenaries with his claws and teeth. Only with the help of a scroll Maldinovic' apprentice succeeded in hurling the demon to the top of a nearby tower.

More and more precious items were gathered by the henchmen of the necromancer and one of my mercenaries unfortunately died in a desperate attempt to claim one of the treasure chests. With teleportations and massive, spell-supported jumps, the dark minions retreated with more and more treasures. In a desperate assault on the demon, the mercenaries of the necromancer managed to overthrow the demon from the top of the tower.

Maldinovic and his apprentice, wounded with many injuries, had to retreat rapidly with the remaining entourage and just a small bag full of prey, while the victorious jubilant of the dark henchmen echoed through the empty streets of Frostgrave.

In contrast to the last game, I managed to fail at all of my dice rolls this time. Only two spells worked, and that was because I had to put a lot of the magician's and the apprentice's health into account. Even the simplest dice rolls for shooting and close combat all went south. It was a drama. But it was a drama worth seeing! We had a lot of fun with the easy to play Frostgrave rules.

Freitag, 7. Juli 2017


When dusting the showcase I met a few orcs from the 90s. Warhammer is not played here for a long time, but I'm surprised how well the characters still look after 20 years. So I hope you enjoy it too.

Montag, 26. Juni 2017

Waka Waka - zamina mina zangalewa!

This time for Africa!
Doc has alrady shown his white explorers and their auxiliaries here, but Michi used to paint a lot of miniatures for the Congo game too. Different scenarios of the game were played by the Tableterrorteam recently  and more are expected to come soon. While Michi is still painting the last few of his Zanzibari slavers, it is a pleasure to introduce the yet finished results: 

Doc hat ja schon seine weißen Abenteurer und ihre Helfershelfer hier gezeigt, aber auch Michi hat inzwischen jede Menge Figuren für Congo bemalt. Verschiedene Szenarien hat das Tableterrorteam kürzlich gespielt und mehr werden in naher Zukunft erwartet. Während Michi immer noch am Pinseln seiner letzten sansibarischen Sklavenhändler ist, wollen wir hier einen Blick auf seine bisherigen Ergebnisse werfen: